Never Mine

Ich sollte endlich anfangen mit das einzugestehen und dich loszulassen!

The night has come and gone and now everbody is telling me: "Stay strong!"

How strange to know you won't come back to me, it's hard but now I see. All you've ever did was putting me to the ground. I guess with you I was never safe and sound.

What is it that keeps me holding on to you? I don't know because nothing you said was true. You were hiding yourself behind lies all the time and that's what I know now: You were never mine.

Maybe your way was the better one 'cause now you don't lose anything unlike me who opens up and risks everything. I can't tell you what I was expecting and why I gave everything up to stand by your side. And know I see it was a mistake to believe in you 'cause you never believed in me too.

All I want now is just get away from you.

All I want now is just forget all that we've been through.

And find myself again 'cause then I will know:

What it was that kept me holding on to you. I was stupid 'cause nothing you said was true. Forever you will hide yourself behind lies all the time. And that's the reason you won't never ever be mine!


30.1.15 17:28

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