Second Family

Manchmal denke ich, merkt man erst, was man hatte, wenn man es verloren hat. Ich glaube ich hab mich in meinem gesamten Leben noch nie so einsam gefühlt. Da kommt dieses eine Jahr ohne Vorwarnung und wirft dich komplett aus der Bahn... Aber trotzdem bleibt ihr immer meine zweite Familie, vor allem du Bubu! <3

Second Family

Sometimes I feel like I'm falling. That's the start of crying and crawling. Sometimes everything just goes wrong and I think there's no reason to stay strong. Sometimes even I know everybody feels this wasy, I wanna give up 'cause I'm lost in my fear. Then suddenly I feel arms wrapped around me, I look up and see my second family is here with me!

You see my tears I don't have to hide them. You know my fears help me to fight them. You hold me tight, you make me happy, you give me wings, love me when I'm silly. And you are the ones that I really trust, help me to see through the dust. And I need you to trust me 'cause you are my second family.

At midnight when my nightmares are hunting me there's always someone to carry me. I can call you everytime then we talk 'til I laugh again, outside my windwo the rain stops and the sun starts to shine. And when people are telling me: "Friends are just for fun." I look up and say happily: "They are my second family!"

After all these years you'll never leave. The things we saw, hey we get so far, from where we start! <3



23.1.15 18:16

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